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lots of reaction on twitter. let me know what you think. some people say that whole jeff gordon thing wasn't fun ny. what? here's "studio b." >> the news begins anew here on "studio b." some traders say this could be the beckett market run since the 1980s. in the winning streak in the middle of it's tenth straight day. the s&p 500 within striking distance of the all-time high. is the economy turning the corner or is at market bubble? >> plus, report hack of the first ladies, vice-president and jay-z, apparently including kanye west, bill gates, and others. a knew travel night mar for folks aboard the carnival dream ship.
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>> our 401ks are on track for another historic day, continuing a winning streak like, well, we haven't seen in the better part of 16 long years. a live look. there's the big board. on the corner of wall and broad. wow, up 62-points. they do you has been running on all-time high, and news that new unemployment claims fell last week to a five-year low. of course, a lot can change in this final trading hour, but if it stays in the green it would extend the dow's rally to ten days, brand new record high. as i mentioned. just take a look how the dow has taken off this month. wasn't long ago that folks celebrated crossing 14,000, and now it's holding steady 500 points higher than that. charlie joins us here on the set. what's the school in. >> we should point out that 14,000 is where it was in 2007
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before the financial crisis. so if you stayed in the market, you went down, up, you're about the same. so it's not like you made a lot of money over the last couple of years, but if you about at the bottom, march, 2009, the dow was up 6,000, and held it until today, you made a lot of money. it has nothing to do with the and and everything to do with low interest rates. when the federal reserve is keeping interest rates low and buying bonding -- bonds, rates are lower so you put your money in stocks. >> the fed chairman said recently in his testimony before congress he's going to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. dot that mean higher and higher market average? >> we'll have a correction. we're going to get a near-term correction. i believe that 15,000 is a good watershed for pullback.
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and when the fed starts raise interest rates -- if the economy was doing really well, ben bernanke would be raising rates, and the market is going to go down to 12,000. so, bubbles are bubbles. but you know what? if you're not in the bubble, you lose a lot of money. >> if you listen to the president and the white house, he jobs are coming back. the economy is recovering. unemployment still high. when you dig deeper into last week's jobless numbers you find 130,000 simply quit. they walked out. quitting the work force. 80,000 of discouraged workers. an uptick for that. a gdp barely alive, less than 1%. 0.1%. high gas prices. isn't all of that a horrible drag? >> it used to be that would react to the market. there was a correlation. good economy, great market.
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bad economy, lousy market. but this is a bubble. there's no doubt. it's a bubble created by the fed because we're presenting money to keep interest rates low. the question is, you have to be in it because if you're not you're going to lose. >> but you're getting in at the top. >> that's the problem. my issue is this. if you're thinking about getting now, the 15,000 -- when the fed wants to raise rates get out quick. >> can you put this on the screen. fortune magazine suggests the fed policy of using ultra low interest rates is actually having the opposite effect. it is not increasing the lending. >> the reason why is -- first, dodd frank and all these reform bills. so why lend money, which is risky to use, starting a business, when i could put money
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in a less risky instrument like a bond, mortgage-backed security. that were collapsed during the financial crisis but you can buy them cheap. banks shifting from lending to you and putting in some bond. >> charlie, good to see you. the reported cyberattack of several high profile politicians, businessmen, entertainers, has now expanded to include kanye west and governor chris christie. we toldout about a web site that claimed to have information from the first lady, michelle obama, vice-president joe biden, other government officials and celebs. the secret service and the fbi have joined the lapd in investigating the reports and now hackers have also reportedly targeted kanye west, governor christie, mitt romney, mr. rich himself, richie rich, bill gates in an interview, the president would not confirm the details of
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the alleged hack. >> we should not be surprised that if you've got hackers who want to dig in and devote a lot of resources, that they can access people's private information. it is a big problem. >> even the white house. >> again, i'm not confirmings that's what happened. >> wow, i wonder if the chinese are also hacking into the white house. the credit reporting agency equifax is confirming hacking. john honey hunt -- john -- jonathan hunt is here. >> the names involved do not want to confirm or deny the reality of any of this information. we told you a couple days ago some phone numbers were leading to other places.
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the seed and garden reply for the number for vice-president biden. we called another number published today, a number alsoly for new jersey governor chris christie. our producer called that number, got a voice mail saying, hello, this is christies. and then the governor's press secretary said we'll get back to you. a few minutes later we tried that number again it was disconnected. that does not prove anything but it's an interesting point. they also put up obvious complete nonsense on this web site as well. for instance, this web site posting, which shows a picture of president obama with the caption, hey, mitt, you mad bro. a lot of this nonsense but for some it's a jeer white house matter. >> this originally came from russia?
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>> yes. this had an internet suffix that used to be from soviet union. the big problem is china. and apparently president obama spoke to the new chinese president today, but his spokesman at the white house would not confirm that he directly brought up cyber hacking. listen. >> we talk about all the range of issues that are important between us, and all the substantial economic cooperation, security cooperation, and the issues that we have disagreements and concerns. >> it would appear if you talk to many experts there's no greater disagreement, no greater concern right now, than these major cyberattacks coming from china, and this is not just
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about credit histories. this is attacking our infrastructure. >> i was only half joking about china, but given their track record likely source of it, and the obama administration doing very little about it. >> millions, perhaps billions of times a day. >> thinks very much. president obama took yet another trip to capitol hill, meeting with lawmakers from both parties today for talks on a potential budget deal. first a luncheon republican lawmakers who says lobster was on the menu. later in the afternoon the president got together witness house democrats. he white house says, the goal here, final a balanced approach, combining tax hikes and spending cuts. both sides say they're far from a long-term deal, notwithstanding what the media is calling the president's charm offensive. mike, what are the president and his allies saying about possible
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budget? >> we're told by a source that president obama told senate republicans, quote, our task is to find common ground, and send a signal that business is on the move. we're told the president expressed interest in new tax revenue and also tax reform. as for senate democrats, their leaders are blasting the proposal that house republicans put forward on the budget, and author paul ryan. >> this budget was roundly defeated last november. i can imagine why they don't get a new dance step here. so until they get off this ryan republican march madness, all this magic he tried to do, we can't work together. if we're going to pass a budget. >> the house speaker, john boehner, the other key leader here on capitol hill, put a marker down saying, no more tax hikes, and no more gimics. >> but republicans reading the details of the democrats' budget
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say, this is not serious. >> that's correct. they are upset by the fact that the democratic budget plan would increase spending. does not address entitlements which are growing bigger every day and real drivers of the debt, and perhaps mostfor them a proposed massive tax increase. >> i'm quite shocked. we had heard it advertised by the authors that this was a trillion dollar tax increase. in fact it's a one-1/2 trillion dollar tax increase. >> on the way from hit meeseing with senate republicans, the house democrats, president obama told us we're having good discussions. we're told in the meeting with the senate republicans, republicans made a call for a 75 year fix of entitlement programs. >> those guys eat can lobster. i had a brown bag sandwich at my disk. how about you?
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>> takeout from downstair. >> liveovers is usual live what i get. thanks very much. one controversial case raising questions about corruption and rape and the influence of social media. the latest on the trial that is splitting a community apart. plus, the head of the transportation security administration on capitol hill, trying to explain, perhaps in vain, why your toothpaste is more dangerous handa pocket knife in the eyes of the u.s. government. details straight ahead. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> we are get something new details about the cell phone evidence in the controversial trial surrounding two high school football players. prosecutors accused the teens of raping an intoxicated 16-year-old girl after a party. this is ohio. but the defense said, whatever happened that night was consent all.
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the case has garnered criticism, and because photographs of the girl parade on the internet big-time. this trial taking place in juvenile court, though, so we're being very, very careful about who and what we show. the accuser and the defendants are minors, so are many witnesses. there's a cram a in the courtroom but during the testimony the judge asked to show this graphic to protect the identity of the witnesses. many of the details of the case incredibly disturbing, including video of other students mocking the girl after she passed out. we're outside the courthouse. mike, what's the testimony covered so far today? >> the victim had been drinking quite a bit. a half a about of vodka mixed with slurpees, she was stumbling around, her friends saying they
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had never seen this girl that drunk, and now, despite the photos being carried by the defendants there has not been testimony yet she was passed out or unconscious and there has not been any testimony about sexual contact between the victim and the defendants, and the defense says the entire rape allegation will hang on testimony and all the testimony is going to come from teenagers who were drunk at the time. >> there's also, is a understand it, a child pornography charge here? >> one defendant faces single count of a use of a minor in nudity oriented video. that's the cell phone video. police talked about gathering up cell phones, and expects talking about what is left behind when you send a digital picture. >> live in ohio, mike, thanks very much. let's take this now to our legal panel.
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criminal defense attorney heather hanson and attorney joanna. the conduct is reprehensible bus it a crime? >> the defense has along road to hoe but there are defenses here. the prosecution has to prove they knew or should have not she was stangs shatly impaired. >> she can't remember anything so she can't say one way or another. >> she can't say one we oar the other. >> so the defendants can say, she con sented. >> they're going to say she contented. they're also going to say she was not too drunk to consent. over the course of the night, as she drunk more and more, there's a question of at what point what she too drunk. >> the problem, everybodying drunk, the also victim cannot. anything and there's no physical evidence here. >> in this case, i think a picture is worth a thousand words. she is not posing for the camera when she is -- she looks
12:21 pm
unconscious in the picture we have seen numerous times. >> how do you no? >> she does. we also have witnesses who are going to say how much she drank, she was slurring her words-couldn't stand up. there's a photograph of her half dressed. you have vomit all over her shirt. all signs this girl what no -- >> yet there are contradictory witnesses who tell a different story. >> already been in testimony that the picture was saint and after the picture she stood up and walked. there's going to be testimony that says she gave someone the password to unlock her phone after both alleged incidents of sexual misconduct happened. so there's going to be testimony that she was not substantially impaired and was able to give consent. >> here's a problem for the prosecution. not everybody saw everything and most everyone was drunk. come on. beyond a reasonable doubt? you can't go past that.
12:22 pm
>> well, it's juvenile court, number one so they're not appealing to a jury. they're appeals to a judge. >> i know. same standard of proof. >> same burden of proof, but what kind of message are we sending? i'm mad at this victim. she did not take responsibility for her own actions. she didn't have to drink a half about of vodka. >> if male lawyer said that he would be accused of being sixist. >> that's not any intent my intent is, girls take responsibility. >> blame the victim routine which is what defense attorneys try to do. >> they're going to say these two young men did not know that she was so impaired she could not consent. >> should the defense call to the witness stand the alleged victim? >> that's a tough one. >> that's why i asked the question. i wouldn't. could backfire. although it's in front of a judge so you wouldn't conjure up the enmitty of a jury. >> looks like they plan to do
12:23 pm
that. >> she's going to say she doesn't remember anything. >> can't get a conviction here? can we all agree? >> probably not but we can all get a lesson. >> i think the defense has a strong argument. >> thanks so much. >> pope francis taking on his first full day as the spiritual leader of more than a billion people. first he had to pick up his own luggage. the feds say this guy is a member of a notorious street gang and is one of the most wanted people in the u.s. i'm the world's worst cleaning lady. i'm here in your home, having a pretty spectacular tuesday. ♪ but i don't notice the loose rug at the top of your stairs. and that's about to become an issue for me.
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>> leader of the world's
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catholics with a 30-minute prayer in rome and then a stop at his hotel to personally pick up his luggage and pay the bill himself. francis left his bags at a vatican-owned presence before he moved into the hotel for the conclave, and the vatican spokesman says pope francis paid the bill to, quote, give a good example. analysts say it was a strong showing. pope francis held his inaugural mass at the sistine chapel where just a day earlier the cardinal shows him as the 265th pope. and the experts say his homily told a lot about what kind of a pope he is going to be. leyland, the pope's first homily was a lot different than his predecessor's. >> very, very different. pope benedict spoke from three pages in latin. pope francis got up there, no
12:28 pm
notes, spoke almost as a parish priest speaking to his flock. said the church and cardinals knee return to the goods spell, return to their roots, become more humble. he warned the church could be just like any other charity if they did not return to their roots and the bible, and you have to look at the visuals and how pope frances now looks. he is very different. he has not taken on many of the -- he has a simple cross and robe. and that's a message how things are going to be handled going forward. >> what does this intention mind for the very powerful vatican bureaucracy? >> probably in the old west they would have said there's a new sheriff in town. the new pope has a lot to deal with inside the vatican.
12:29 pm
the leak scandal, the bank, and the papal sexual abuse scandal, the presex abuse scandal to deal with as he moves forward and tries to move the church forward. he is said to be somebody who wants these priests and these cardinals to return to much more humble traditions. they are not above their flock. he, as you might remember, asked all the parishioners and all of the faithful to pray for him. all of a sudden you're going to be asking what you can do for the church, rather than what the church can do for you. >> thanks very much. >> the fbi just made a new addition to its top ten list. here's this him in, ed win garcia, wanted in the brutal murder of a 69-year-old man in the colorado mountains. the darn said the suspect tried to suffocate this man with duct tape, then when that failed, he
12:30 pm
can stabbed the victim nine times times and left the blade in his body. today the victim's daughter got very emotional talking about her late dad. >> i just want justice to be served. it's hard for me to get over it. i'm still suffering, and he could be -- it would be so great if he was found. i would just want justice to be served because i would be able to sleep better at night knowing that everybody is paying for what they did. >> the fbi reports the suspect its likely hiding out in the central american nation of el elsa salve doctor where he has tries to a drug gang. >> the most controversial port of president obama's push for gun control passed a key vote. what the chances an assault weapons ban will pass the full senate? plus could be the biggest event of the year for conservatives.
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>> welcome back, this is studio b. fireworks on capitol hill as a senate committee passes its most controversial gun control measure yet. the bill would ban the sale of most assault weapons and limit how much a magazine can carry.
12:35 pm
democrats were in favor, the g.o.p. saying it stands to infringe upon the second amendment. that led to a fiery exchange. >> the question i would pose to the senior senator from california is, would she deem it consistent with the bill of rights for congress to engage in the same endeavor that we are contemplating doing with the second amendment in the context of the first or fourth amendment? >> i'm not a sixth grader. senator, i've been on this committee for 20 years. i've stud yesterday the constitution midst. i am reasonably well-educated and i thank you for the lecture. >> this bill now moves on to a vote in the stat where it's going to face a tough battle. steve, what's in the bill? >> it's a revival of the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 after being on the books for ten years. specifically this legislation would prohibit the sale,
12:36 pm
manufacture, and transfer of 157 military style assault weapons, and it would ban large capacity magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. in the judiciary committee today, it passed on a vote of 10-8. after you saw some very heated discussion. >> it's not much satisfaction to say that criminals are going to have access to the whole range of weapons that they will have access to because they don't care about the laws passed. and we're going to give the american citizen a peashooter to defend themselves with. >> it exempts 2,271 weapons. isn't that enough for the people in the united states? >> mr. children -- >> do they need a bazooka? do they need other high-powered weapons that military people used to kill in close combat? i don't think so. >> passed by the judiciary committee was a forgone
12:37 pm
conclusion. what happens next is a big question. >> well, it faces an uphill battle. just how uphill is it? >> yeah. this bill guess to the senate floor probably next month, where it will face very stiff opposition from republicans. but at one of four measures passed the committee and spearheaded by the white house in the wake of the newtown shooting. 20 children killed, six adults when a gunman opened fire with an assault weapon. only a bill to beef up school surety and the background checks are likely to survive. >> steve, live in washington. thank you. thousands of conservatives are meeting near d.c. for one of the biggest events of the mitt cal right, the annual conservative political action conference, cpac. it's where some of the biggest names and conservative thought immediate meet to plan the movement. governor rick perry is speaking right now and that could be
12:38 pm
especially important after the bruising republicans took in last year's election. month the speakers for day one, senators marco rubio, rand paul, both considered rising stars in the republican party. but getting just as much buzz is, well, that fellow. he won't be there. cpac snubbed chris christie months after he gave the keynote address at the republican national convention. cameron has the news live in maryland. carl, what do they have to say? reporter: well, cpac says the reason they didn't invite chris christie is because he expanded medicaid in the state and was appreciative of mr. obama's help in the summer storm sandy. been mock donald was not inviced bought he raced transportation taxes, and we saw an interesting dichotomy. a split between rand paul and marco rubio.
12:39 pm
rubio said he was criticized for offering a lot of new ideas. rand paul said the g.o.p. is getting moss covered and needs to embrace more libertarian social some economic policy. a difference in prepare. m-rubio, very popular, charismatic, latino, is pushing immigration reform. he didn't talk about that. instead he talked about core social conservative issues-such as support of marriage between a man and a woman and opposition to abortion rights. listen. >> just because i believe that states should have the right to define marriage in a traditional way does not make me a big got. just because -- [applause] >> just because we believe that life, all life, all human life, is worthy of protection at every stage of its development does not make you a -- [applause] >> marco rubio, very cautious
12:40 pm
about not saying he is running for president but looks like it. texas governor rick perry didn't win the nomination and has not ruled out the possible he may look for a run again in 2016. over the next two and a half days there will be a steady parade of republicans of national stature all of whom have said they have not result out running. >> that's always code when you ask. carl, there were back-to-back speakers by a couple of senators eyeing a possible white house bid. tell us about that. >> well, we talked about rand paul and marco rubio, who were back-to-back today. and mr. paul was very aggressive. criticized the party acutely saying it needs to change, and he had this big filibuster on the senate floor that drew national attention as he challenged the president0s
12:41 pm
policy on drone strikes hypothetically in the united states. i captured the nation's attention, knitted together liberty tierans. rand paul has specific ideas. here's a sampling. >> likewise he defended possible targeted drone strikes on americans by kaeding he had no intention of doing so. well, my 13-hour filibuster was message to the president. good intentions are not enough. >> rand paul is a tea party favorite. a very, very definitive, populous, libertarian streak and he comes by is honestly. his father, ron paul, ran three times, once as a liberty tear yap, twice as a republican. and ron paul, who is no longer a member of congress, left a good presidential potential organization and campaign out there for his son there will be a straw poll at the end of the
12:42 pm
cpac, which is annual, and rand paul is expected to win it going away, in part because of the remnants of his father's organization. the softball means very little but what does mean something is the size of the crowd. this is big for cpac. the conference usually has one big crowd every four years, the one during an election year. this one comes after the last election year because republicans and conservatives are keenly paying attention to where the party goes and how they win back the white house three and a half years from now. that's the story. >> carl cameron, thanks very much. michigan's republican governor just made a big move to help detroit get out of its serious financial mess. the motor city's debt problem so severe that bren streetlights in disrepair, leaving entire blocks in the dark. the executive fire commissioner recently proposed letting vacant buildings keep burning because he said his department was stretched so thin. in fact, analysts say near lay quarter of detroit's housing
12:43 pm
units are vacant. some criminals have turned them into literal dumping grounds for bodies. until police fine them days or sometimes weeks later. trace, today the governor announced he is appointing an emergency manager to help rein in detroit's finances. >> the man is 54-year-old kevyn orr, the one who oversaw the 2009 bankruptcy of chrysler and now will oversea the biggs state takeover of a u.s. city and he has one major goal to make sure detroit doesn't become the first big u.s. city to go bankrupt. the city is running a $327 million deficit and has not $14 billion in unfunded liabilities, things like healthcare benefits and pensions. >> the mayor and i discussed a true partnership. i'm not an elected official. never have been.
12:44 pm
do not represent the people. i aspire to be an emergency financial manager and when the mayor described his willingness to be part of the solution, and i hope as well the city council, i was compelled in a sense to undertake this endeavour. >> orr says he has a 12-16 month contract and hopes to get the job done sooner than that. >> there are folks who really oppose this new move. why is that? >> well, you heard the mayor say he is on board of this, but a lot of others in the protest, including the city council -- he called the mayor a quitter. we just learned the city council had threatened to sue over this. now now they're not going to, but as part of the practice there will be restructures of contracts and pension benefits. a lot of unions oppose this, but the good said this did not happen overnight. >> this is not about asking one individual to come in and turn around the city of detroit.
12:45 pm
this is about a situation, if you look at the history of the city, this is a problem that has been evolving for 50-plus years. this is a problem that now has reached a true crisis point. >> of course, kwame kilpatrick, the former governor -- detroit, he was convicted on interruption charges recently. well, that was for misusing some of the city funds. clearly that did not help detroit's bottom line, which, overall right now, is pretty abysmal. greg? >> trace gallagher, live in l.a. >> you probably heard about the new rules for airport security. well, small pocket knives, that's okay. bring them aboard. but don't think about bringing your four ounces of shampoo in your carry-on luggage. that next. ♪ [ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs... to meeting patient needs...
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at a hertz expressrent kiosk, you can rent a car without a reservation...
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and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. bikes and balloons, wholesome noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. the head of the tsa today defending the agency's new
12:49 pm
policy to allow certain knives onboard planes. but not toothpaste. you'll recall the tsa announced that beginning next month travelers will be allowed to carry aboard some knives under two and a half inches and previously banned sports equipment, like your favorite bat. but you can still -- you still can't carry certain tubes of toothpaste and gels, other liquids, your shampoo. today the tsa official said the made the decision because of the latest intel. >> it is that judgment of many security experts a small pocket knife is mott going to result in a catastrophic failure of aircraft and an improvised explosive device will. andey know searching for these items. >> will: not blow up aircraft can distract our security ofs. >> ed marky is now pushing a bill that would ban all knives
12:50 pm
from commercial nights after flight attendances criticized the rule, but the tsa does not appear to be budging, michael is joining us, the current president of redlands strategies, security consulting firm. a band or you're wrists used box cutter, not knives to hijack planes on 9/11 and murder roughly 3,000 innocent people. cooperate they do the same with knives, pocket knives? >> since they armed the cockpit door, it's less of a concern. >> it could still happen. >> if they got into the cockpit, and that's the question. but you just -- the defining moment was 9/11. that's the threat we all try to prevent with tsa. congress is trying to prevent that. since 9/11 there have been three evend. the 2005 i can witness explosive plot, the richard reid shoe bombing, and the bomb in the
12:51 pm
underpants. what is more concerning about everything that is going on, can you detect explosives? >> i realize they're saying and you're saying, got to look out for the bombs because to the are the latest techniques of al quite. but al qaeda often goes back to their earlier deeds and in this particular case, why can't tsa focus both on hand weapons like knives as well as bombs? shouldn't they be dog both? >> that's a fair statement. you should -- the reality of it is that even though tsa was created to prevent taking down a plane -- >> there's no intel about the scenario of using knives. how about common sense? >> what he is basing it on, there are 25,000 flights a day in the u.s. just the u.s., and since 2010, the world basically has adopted -- yes, you can bring on these larger numbers, but what you're saying is also
12:52 pm
something -- >> what you're saying is what the editorial board of the washington post-said. post-9/11, era of reinforced cockpit doors and savvy passengers, air marshal programs can flight attendants trained in self-defense. pen knives -- >> what about the use of pen knives? >> that's one of the requests. we haven't seen that. that's what they're basing it on. >> they're killing to and we're going to kill 150 more unless you open the cockpit door. >> congress should revisit the statute. let's make sure the checkpoints get what they're supposed to get. >> michael. thanks so much. >> a number of european catholics has shrunk by more than half over the past century, while the largest concentration of catholics in the globe comes from latin america.
12:53 pm
we'll get some of their reactions from the first pope from their part of the world.
12:54 pm
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>> latinos in the united states and beyond celebrating the first pope ever could come from south america. latinos account for 31 nose church's members worldwide, and a growing share of the 74 million catholics in the united states. and while the number of catholics in europe is shrinking, steve, what's been the reaction there among the latino community? >> greg, the reaction has been extremely enthusiastic. especially on the part of miami beach, known as little report argentina. one of the most highly represented cities in thews, and
12:57 pm
in cafes and restaurants, the good news was predding fast. >> beautiful. we're very proud. he seems to be a very humble and good man. so good job. >> it's a great thing. we haven't had that in over a thousand years, and the best part is this guy has a very humble background. >> 35% of all catholics in the u.s. are hispanic and have been responsible for the growth of church in the u.s. for self decades. >> what about in argentina? they must be very, very happy and proud. >> initially some real price. a small mass turned to joy later in the evening, people waving flags and honks horns and career loudly. >> translator: i feel very blessed. i'm very happy of having in our
12:58 pm
house an argentine pope. i really feel very blessed. >> translator: i'm so proud he is arguine. during argentine. thank god we have an argentine pope. >> the president of argue general -- >> we'll be right back. don't go away. of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pk vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast
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so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant

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